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Twitterfeed not updating

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Check to see if your tweets show up on and if they don't then you should contact Twitter.On my current drupal instalation I have been having issues with the Twitter aspect of the module automatically pulling in tweets.We make this so easy by managing all the complex o Auth requests on our own server using our Twitter app.Our app only asks for read permission and we only ever request publically available information.Get started in just a few clicks without the need to setup your own Twitter App.Use the provided Widget or Shortcode to easily display your Tweets on your website.

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Thanks, The maintainers will probably either want to do this for services without an access token, or create some kind of $requires_access_token boolean per service.

Does anyone actively maintain this module who wants to make the quick changes, or should I submit a patch for this issue and the other one I just created (https://

Read more about it here I've checked and made sure I'm referencing the correct twitter widget.

Twitterfall is a Twitter client specialising in real-time tweet searches. Twitterfall was written by Tom Brearley and David Somers. Twitterfall is built on Go, Javascript, HTML5 and hosted by nginx running on a Linode server.