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Anyways, I wanted to know how I can dress more like her? I'm not a poser and I'm not trying to be her I just love her style so mu...i live in phoenix,arizona and i want to know where to get that braid that hanna beth has example: Beth/?

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Sighing i applied light foundation with eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. He beamed "My pleasure" and we leaned towards eachother kissing.

Skipping i quickly went into my closet picking out a tight black tank top, with a jean skirt. Kaden Iron is a player, and wont do anything unless he gets something from it. he had done this every day for the past two weeks, just in different ways that made it look like it wasn't ditching. I motioned for him to come over and sit and he did, eagerly. Alexx is scene, black hair, ice blue eyes, peircings in his ears and two hoop piercings in his lips.

I grabbed the white belt of the rack and put it on quickly smiling, and slipping on silver stilettos I had made friends, and i liked them. Especially cause his name is spelled with TWO x's Yes Two!! " I heard Kadens voice on the other side of my bedroom door.

Scout Taylor-Compton has a tattoo on the inside of her left wrist of a number 8, or possibly a sideways infinity symbol.

& How else did she become famous, because it seems Demi boosted her "career". C0ksq1r B/Demi Lovato Hanna Beth Leave Beachers Madhouse/hyf9LLAKDd_/Demi Lovato I don't like her and I'm wondering if anyone else doesn't like her. Anyone else think Audrey Kitching has THEEEEEE coolest hair ever??? what exactly IS Trashy Life, was it something on MTV or something???? if you dont know who im talking about - audrey kitching/twigg violence hanna ... She is my role model, and I want to know how she does her makeup.

action=view¤t=and i want to know what color contacts she uses example of her ey... I just really want to know a cheap way to get her style, and I go to a school where you can't wear tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, short shorts, short dresses, no jewelry, and you can't have unnatural...

" I glanced at Kaden and felt power surge through me. My heart was pounding in my head waiting anxiously for his answer.

"Im Ho-" My mom called walking into the kitchen, there was a thunking sound and i looked down to see her keys on the floor and her eyes wide. " "Mom Its Not what it looks like" I said and pushed Kaden off lightly. "We through the house, and i tripped over my feet, then he fell on me! Now Hurry duty calls you wouldnt wanna be late.." She nodded thoughtfully grabbing her keys off the floor and skipped out the door. Weird as ever" Kaden commented and smiled, i glanced at him and leaned against the counter sighing ..