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Eclipse updating indexes java heap space

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So on a 16GB server something like 6-12GB seems about right.

However if you have lots of indexes or some are large you may benefit from Sharding your indexes or using Solr Cloud (a good article I've used when setting this up before: There are a number of factors to this.

We've tried to implement indexing using H2 database, and the results are really amazing!

Here's a screen-cast showing how fast building of full hierarchy for 'Exception' class is using H2 database based index.

WARN - 2016-01-12 .920; [ x:techproducts] org.eclipse.thread. Out Of Memory Error: Java heap space at concurrent.locks.

Abstract Queued Synchronizer$Condition Condition Waiter(Abstract Queued at concurrent.locks.

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Blocking Array Queue.poll(Blocking Array at org.eclipse.thread.However you will also not get out of memory error because of permgen space.If you are getting Out Of Memory Error related to Heap space, then you can try to increase the maximum heap size available to eclipse. For example, below snippet will increase the eclipse heap size to 2 GB.Queued Thread Thread at : Out Of Memory Error: Java heap space at org.servlet.Http Solr Error(Http Solr at org.servlet.With 3) above you need to consider if you are using Content Search a lot in your custom code to get items etc or just really for search results pages only. All of this will lead to more load on the SOLR server.