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Common mistake made in dating

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Facebook and Twitter is always filled with messages, status updates and memes containing words of wisdom for those who are in the dating pool waiting to find true love.

Many of these status updates come from people who have passed through the ropes of courting and have now ended up on the side of commitment through holy matrimony, while others contain information from those who have become bitter because of relationships that missed the mark of happiness.

Read on to learn about some potentially huge obstacles standing between you and true love.

And if you're getting paranoid, remember: most of these things are easily fixable.

When some people see that things aren't working they become depressed.

They start to feel as though they're not loveable, that destiny is against them or that they will always be a failure in love. You simple have not yet been taught important truths about relationships.

Examples include bad breath, body odor, terrible hygiene, and lack of etiquette.

"These are qualities that are seen early in the dating process," said Dr.

Soon she began to sabotage the relationship, finding fault with him at every turn.

Too many of us get it in our heads that romantic comedies are somehow accurate.

We think guys should show up at our windows with a boom box and get all Lloyd Dobler on our asses.

It can be difficult sometimes for a woman who doesn’t know a thing about the standards of dating and the “rules” that follow them to know just exactly what to do to land the heart of a man who has caught her attention, but world renowned celebrity relationship coach Tony Gaskins always has a great message for women looking to land the men they deserve.

In a recent Facebook post, Tony spoke about the most common mistake women make when dating: praising a boyfriend.