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"I am a school psychologist and a licensed professional counselor.

I specialize in adolescent (school aged) children with concerns around anxiety and depression as it relates to every day activities as well as the academic/school environment.""I am a school psychologist and a licensed professional counselor.

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Snow removal equipment has been taken from porches, driveways, and unsecured sheds and garages."We think we live in the best neighborhood, so to think that that happens, we feel bad,” said Anna Lis, of Wethersfield.

Police said they believe these are crimes of opportunity, where the thieves see a chance to commit this crime, without being caught.

Nearly 20 snow blowers have been snatched up from homes around Wethersfield just in the last month and now, police have issued a warning to all town residents."I read the police message on Facebook, warning us about snow blowers being missing in the area,” said Judith Milardo.

Moments after she read that, she looked out her window."I remember thinking, ‘well it's a good thing it's suddenly spring and we don't have to worry about that anymore’,” Milardo said.